Praise for Decomposed

Decomposed has been named one of the best podcasts of 2019 in write-ups from Time magazine, Esquire, and IndieWire.

“Simmons hits all the right notes as she blends history, scandal and musical analysis,” Eliana Dockterman writes in Time.1 “She composes a full story arc using her subjects’ lives interspersed with beautiful renditions of their pieces. What more beautiful (and educational) soundtrack could you want for your commute?”

Meanwhile, Gabrielle Bruney at Esquire notes: “Best of all, the show plays recordings of the music in question, contextualizing the works within the lives of their composers, which makes the show a great introduction to appreciating classical music.”2

Steve Greene over at IndieWire writes: “Told with a mix of scholarly appreciation and infectious energy, Simmons provides tales like this one — of Tchaikovsky’s ardent and dutiful letter-writing relationship — with an enthusiasm that makes it near impossible to stop listening.”3